Dagens cykelklass 1715

Vi hakar på Giro de Italia och cyklar samma etapp som cyklisterna gör idag.

Stage 2: May 9 2010 – Amsterdam – Utrecht 209 km

Tight and technical

With the bunch nervy and lots of road furniture to contend with, this stage of regular twists and turns may not prove as straightforward as the pan-flat profile suggests. Surprisingly, the stage features the first two categorised climbs even though the highest point is only 60 metres above sea level.

The winner of the mountains jersey today will hold it until at least stage five, which will be a big carrot for the Dutch outfits and smaller teams, who’ll be desperate to feature in the podium presentations. Expect frenetic sprints on both climbs, and for things to get even more frantic at the finish.

Stage Details

Distance: 209km
Vertical climb: 370m
Highest point: 60m
Terrain: Flat
Category: Road Stage

Comments 4
  1. Tack igen för en toppen klass!! Härligt med en massa massa inspiration :)
    Kram Anna

  2. Det var så bra så. Jag fick med mig massor!
    Ha en toppen vecka, och hoppas att solen har kommit =)

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