Kommande release i Body Balance, nr 48!

BODYBALANCE® 48 is a journey towards peace.

This release will lead you from an epic battle of Ben-Hur, through protest and reflection, and finally into deep understanding and awareness of your body and the world around you.

We’ll begin with  sword-dance inspired by the Love Theme From Ben – Hur, and then sink more deeply into our breath than we’ve ever gone before in the Sun Salutations Track.

The Balance Track feels like a massive hug – you’ll understand once you experience this track. You’ll understand once you experience this track. You’ll then expand your hip horizons with the 3-Legged Down Dog with open hip track 5.

Find your beet in the Core – Abdominal Track. Heres your chance to break out of the BODYBALANCE ® mould and beat your  protesting drums on the floor. We are One Tribe!

Begin to wind down into calm to the emotional Before the Worst. Then fall even further with Kelly Clarkson Already Gone, before experiencing the phenomenal beauty of our remake of Moby’s Study War.

Välkommen hit!

Jessica har varit i bloggosfären sedan begynnelsen och är idag en av de stora rösterna inom hälsobranschen och cykelindustrin i Norden.