Mango Rules

Jag älskar att bli inspirerad och hitta småsaker i vardagen som jag blir lite “kär” i.Alla möten (i princip alla… det finns som alltid förstås vissa undantag) med människor inspirerar mig på något sätt. Idag är jag fullkomligt dödskär i Magnus “Mango Rules”.

Här är några av mina absoluta favoriter (det blev typ alla):

Have fun and stay close to your heart.

Be where your are.

Think positive and act positive. What you give is what you get.

Love your whole body, it’s part of who you are.

Drink lots of water during the day between your meals. Drink plenty after waking up and stay wet and wild all day long.

Eat when your are hungry. Stop when you have had enough. Chill and sit down while you are eating. Chew your food and chew your food. And chew your food again.

Eat whole foods. Only from nature. Everything else sucks. Veggies, fruits and nuts are you true friends. Minimize your consumption of meat and go for fish, seafood and game instead. Mimimize dairy products and wheat. Sometimes food supplementscan be good. Especially vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3 (flax seed oil and vitamin D).

Make sure to poop. Love your belly.

Breath. With awareness.

Walk, run, dance, ski or cycle 30-60 minuntes per day. Your feet are born to move and heart for pumping.

Challenge your system in a full 360 degrees body workout with strength, balance and flexibility.  Train to stabilize your own body.

Massage your body in 360 degress. Rub up against someone daily.

ps. Nästa vecka kör jag min Body Pump as usual på torsdagar 1645, hoppas ni är där då.

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