Ännu mer “teasers” för de kommande releaserna. Jag är redan förälskade i den kommande Body Balance releasen.

BODYBALANCE™ 47 is a strong and graceful release that will take you on an internal journey. But don’t let the soft and flowing nature of the class fool you – it’s one of the most intense and physical BODYBALANCE™ releases ever created.

Warm up with a series of simple, traditional Tai Chi exercises to classic chill-out Café Del Mar sounds. The exercises are laid out in an evolving progression, making it easy for you to master the moves and feel the Tai Chi experience.

You will be challenged in the Sun Salutations Track. The new innovation is the 3-Legged Dog, shifting to Plank Pose and then sinking into Crocodile Pose. Use the options to make the poses even more challenging, while enjoying Balligomingo’s beautiful hit, New World.

Find grace and make the movements feel beautiful in Track 4. There’s a gorgeous strength and balance sequence in this track, set to one of the most unusual pieces of music ever used in BODYBALANCE™ – Soul Saviour’s For The Windows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti.

The Core – Abdominals Track features very slow, controlled Pilates moves which will put your endurance and abdominal strength to the test. It’s tough but hang in there for more Definition!

The uplifting song Show Me What I’m Looking For brings back the Bow Pose and Pilates Swimmer Kicks, building back strength in Track 7. There is also a new pose called the Scorpion, evolving from the 3-Legged Dog. There are options available, either to make the workout more powerful or to take some of the pressure off.

Increase your mobility with the beautiful twisting poses to Beyoncé’s Halo, before coming into the Hamstring work to Annie Lennox’s stunning rendition of Whiter Shade Of Pale. You’ll love the Forward Folds and the Standing Split. Then relax into your own Quiet Place.


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