Nu, exakt 11:59, går bokningssidan för 2014 års NIKE BLAST live. Jag hoppas så vi ses där och får träna i hop. Jag längtar dit. Nästan så det liksom kryper i mig. Samtidigt som jag helst inte vill att helgen ska vara över. 

Du träffar mig på följande klasser:



I AM – the most powerful words in the world. What you say after, creates your reality. I am a rider. Powerful, hungry but peaceful.



(team med Monika Björn)

A ride designed to challenge you in all your dimensions. Learn to master your mind, body and experience something you never done before on the saddle.


NTC Train to Run

This class will show you different drills that you should be doing on a regular basis if you are a runner. Cross training is huge to making you a better, more efficient and safe runner and this class will show you how to do that. In order to become a stronger runner you must do other types of training, not just run more. Take this class to experience a specific way to cross train for running.


NTC Strong Skills

This class is all about building the foundation of your strength. You will perform basic strength movements to help build proper body mechanics that will help you perform complex drills efficiently. This will be a fun and challenging class that will help you become a stronger athlete. You will use weights in this class, but with low repetitions so you can maximize your strength. This is a great class if you want to learn more about traditional strength training with an NTC twist.




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