kommande releaaaaazzzzzze i Body Balance

Hade en underbar Body Balance klass idag med underbara deltagare & fina vänner. Både Gina & Johanna var med. Tack sötaste!

Så nu tänkte jag avslöja lite vad som kommer i den nya releasen… efter att ha läst nedanstående lääängtar jag! Mina älsklingar U2s nya “stunning” Magnificent är med! TJOHOOO! Inte nog med att jag ska se dem på Ullevi, de ska dessutom vara med i release 46 av Body Balance! DÄr e en massa andra underbara låtar med, som Broken Strings…. o vad bra det kommer bli!

BODYBALANCE® 46 is dramatic and challenging.

Push your limits, because you never know exactly what you are capable of until you try. The options are there if you need them! Focus on your breathing in the warm-up track, then challenge yourself to lift off in the Knee to High Block Combination.

You will feel like you are surfing in Track 2, feeling the flow of Yoga poses. Also featuring a one minute Down Dog, feel this quintessential yoga pose!

Magnificent takes you through Track 3. There’s a new move – the Extended Warrior 2 with Prayer hands and lots of powerful drama.

Find your balance to Shine in Track 4. This is a very challenging track, but there are lots of options available. Why? Because it feels amazing to sink into each hip opening pose accompanied by this gorgeous Annie Lennox classic.

Take your abdominal strength to a whole new level in Track 6, before working on your strength, support and stability to Broken Strings in Track 7. You will really build strength in the Plank Pose Pullbacks.

For something new try pushing off your back foot and bringing your weight forward in the Lunge Twist in Track 8. It feels great!

Leona Lewis draws you into a beautiful, very deep hamstring stretch with Run.

Then relax into Deuters Kindred Spirit, as you become aware of steadying the outside edge of your body and focusing specifically on your breathing.


  1. Sofia 10 juli, 2009at00:43

    Längtar till nya releasen och ffa till Ullevi!

  2. Gina 10 juli, 2009at22:01

    Hej sötnos… Tack själv! Nu skall du få hjälpa mig att bli
    bra på detta:)

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